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What is the purpose - why should I join?

The Global Artists Atelier is an ideal online community for visual artists who value connecting with other committed artists. It is a place where artists mentor artists and work together to improve their craft and their careers.


Post your art and get real feedback from other artists.  Dive into a course like Selling Globally, How to Sell Online, and much more at your convenience.


Does it cost to be a member?

There is no cost to join. 

How does it work?

The community is hosted on a fully interactive platform that looks and feels like a social media channel. However, a big difference is that the Atelier is a private community that is controlled by members, not the algorithm.


Members post their work or maybe pose questions to other members. Unlike posting your work on a channel like Instagram, in the Atelier you are posting to your peers, and other committed visual artists.

Who controls the Atelier?

Atelier members determine the direction of the atelier in terms of content. Members are surveyed on a regular basis to gain their insights on what they value in the Atelier and the Atelier operational team responds with content and changes to the Atelier format when possible.

I'm busy - no time now

There is no time requirement, nothing that you need to do to be a member. We offer a free mobile app so you are notified when there is an event, workshop, discussion, or any topic you might find interesting.


All workshops and presentations are recorded in video and audio files.

What Can I learn in the Atelier?

You can learn about ways to improve your craft and how to improve your career.


The Atelier features informative and instructional articles about topics like selling your art globally, how to create NFTs, and other timely topics.


The Atelier also provides workshops often taught by experienced members. For example, a member-led a workshop on Mixed Media and created a new work of art as a demonstration.

I don't speak English well

Since we are a global community, we do have members that do not speak English very well. Much of the community is in written format, so members use Google translator, but they struggle with the spoken word. We will include real-time verbal translation for our Zoom meetings in the near future.

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