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What Influences The Decision to Buy Your Work?

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

When it comes to capturing the interest of casual art buyers and encouraging them to invest in visual art from emerging artists, several factors come into play. The appeal of the artwork itself is undoubtedly part of the initial attraction. Its colors, composition, and overall aesthetic appeal can immediately attract potential buyers. But there's more!

The story behind the art adds a layer of depth that resonates with buyers. People love connecting emotionally with art, so knowing the artist's background, inspiration, and journey can create a powerful bond. When buyers understand the intent and message an artist is conveying, it gives the artwork a personal significance, making it more than just a visual piece.

The art world is becoming more and more competitive for emerging artists and those just starting. The pandemic was a catalyst for more people to pursue their interest in creating art, so there a literally more artists showing their work on social media than ever before. Dedicating time to writing about your work and creating demonstration videos are two ways that buyers can gain a greater appreciation of your work.

There is definitely a mix of factors that influence a person's decision to buy one work of art over others. These start with the work but communicating your story and purpose can sway casual art buyers' interest and decision to buy.

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