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The Basics of Getting Found on Instagram

Start with Your Profile and Bio

The first place to start improving your Instagram search rank is on your profile. How do you optimize your Instagram profile to appear in more searches?

You can start with a single keyword that defines what you do.

This could be your niche, product, or even name. Whatever keyword prospects are most likely to search for when they need your product, it has to be in your Instagram name and @username. As a result, you have a higher chance of ranking for that keyword.

Apart from your keyword, you can also add your location to your business name if you operate a local business (for instance, a restaurant).

After optimizing your business name, you have to optimize your Instagram bio. Put simply, your bio provides an opportunity to describe your business.

As a matter of fact, you should have your primary and secondary keywords in this description. Another option is to add important hashtags. After all, tags have a dedicated tab in the search results.

This means some of your prospects will search for hashtags rather than a word. Having this hashtag in your bio increases your chances of ranking high in the results.

How to Rank High on Instagram

When developing your content marketing strategy it's important to think about how your content will get you noticed. The reason you post content is to grow your audience (of buyers) and to stay engaged.

Let's start with how Instagram Search works.

Instagram search is a feature in the “Search & Explore” section of the social media platform that allows you to find people and hashtags.

The factors that can influence how you are discovered include the accounts you follow, the accounts you engage with, what’s popular among your followers, photos, and videos you like on Instagram, and other factors.

Instagram keeps how its algorithms work as a mystery. It's the same with Facebook, and Twitter. So, we need to learn from social media experts who have experience to help establish our personal best practices. Even though Instagram hasn’t revealed all the factors that determine search results work, there are steps you can take that will improve your chances of showing up for your preferred keywords.

Use the right hashtags -

One of the most popular features on Instagram, the hashtag has many functions. Among them is that it increases your chances of ranking for a term. This is a whole topic on its own.

There are apps you can use to select the most effective hashtags.

It's important to add your strategic hashtags to the captions of your post. Once you've identified the best strategic hashtags to attract your buyers it's a good idea to have them organized so you can easily add them to your posts. However, DO NOT post the same hashtags in every post because this violates Instagram's community guidelines against posting repetitive content.

There are 2 types of hashtags to consider to improve your Instagram search rankings.

Niche/topic hashtags

Whatever type of art you produce, you'll find hashtags that fit a broad category. For example #abstractart. But, if you only add #abstractart to your post you'll likely be buried in 42 million posts.

However, you can add more than a single hashtag in your caption. Also, a more effective way to increase your chances of ranking is to add less popular hashtags. Because it’s difficult to rank for popular hashtags due to the tough competition. The best way to find a more niche-oriented hashtag is to test a number and select the ones that may be less crowded.

Just like with Google search, you can create a long-tail hashtag. For example, #abstractartforsale has 111,688 in the search I just did.

Branded hashtags

While niche hashtags can get you in front of users who are not aware of your brand, branded hashtags will differentiate your business in a niche. With branded hashtags, you can increase brand awareness and reach.

You can post using your brand name as a hashtag, or you can create a unique hashtag that you want to own around a topic or trend. For example, let's say that you see your art as a fusion of Pop and Abstract. You might post using #popabstract or #pop_abstract. If you're at the early edge of a trend, your can "own" this hashtag.

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