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Make Art That People Want and View as Valuable

I discovered a video from Contemporary Art Issue (CAI) that features 'The Most Famous Painters Today: A Reasoned Top 20 Using Objective Career Facts.

This video can help artists gain some insights into how successful artists stand out from an extremely crowded and competitive universe of visual artists. In a related article from CAI they say, "If you are a painter yourself, make sure to read our article on How to succeed as a Painter/Artist where we discuss all the things you actually need to know to become a successful painter, but most likely nobody is telling you." This is a fairly in-depth article with lots of helpful information; one that you may want to refer to from time-to-time.

We can always learn from the success of other artists. My objective in sharing this video is to inspire all of us to think more creatively. More time studying each of these artists can hopefully inspire more artists to evolve their work and attract more buyers. I firmly believe that sales success starts with producing great work!


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