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Are You Marketing Globally

There is not doubt that almost every aspect of business and marketing is more digital. I recently did some thought leadership research for a company I co-founded to find out from business consultants how they are helping businesses small and large accelerate their growth and transformation. Every person interviewed in our research referred to the pandemic as a major catalyst for rapid change.

So, what does this mean to you as a visual artist? Simply, that your potential market is global and if you want to make more money you probably need to think globally.

I recently read an article titled, Arts marketing in the digital world. written by an Aussie, Ellis Jones, Read the entire article with the link above if you're interested. Following are a few excerpts with my comments.

The emergence of the digital world has changed the way arts organisations communicate with their audiences. With 1.79 billion social media users worldwide and 93% of Australians on Facebook, marketing in the form of social media, blogs, websites, SEO and SEM is becoming increasingly preferred to traditional marketing techniques. Data and analytics tools are increasingly utilized to inform marketing strategy. The exchange is global and instantaneous.
...The strategic placement of your work online means eyeballs. For the visual artist, your potential audience is no longer limited to local areas, the number of paintings, or the time of day. In the digital art gallery, your artwork is visible to everyone, at all times, anywhere in the world.

In my experience with digital marketing, your success in making more sales globally depends on finding and being found by people that find your art appealing. Simply said, the basics of being found starts with a website and SEO and being discovered with key word and hashtag searches in social media platforms.

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