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Sales Growth for Visual Artists
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Creating Art is Different from Selling Art

You may be one of those rare artists who enjoy marketing and selling your art. For you we provide resources to and DIY guidance for Free.

If you're not keen on sales and marketing, we can help you a little or managed 90% of your sales and marketing.

We Do Digital Marketing

Your market is global into today's digital world.  


We'll build your social media audience in Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, & Pinterest at a faster pace than you can.


Key selling your art starts with reaching your target audience, engagement, and nurturing relationships to the point of buying.

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Profit from Digital Trends

The digital commerce world is changing faster than ever in the post-pandemic era.

We dive into to latest tech and art trends to keep you informed and find new ways to earn revenue whether that's converting physical art to NFTs, creating Social Tokens, creating your online gallery or wherever we need to go to help you succeed.



Three Simple Options

Free Training Videos and 
Marketing Articles

Are you hands on when it comes to your marketing?

Then our free videos, webinars, and articles will keep you informed on topics like using social media apps and tools to build your buyer audience faster, insights gained from helping tech companies reach their buyers, and more.

Free Basic Training  Course
DIY Marketing

Are you hands on when it comes to your marketing?

Then try our course. 

Start with the Free Introductory course to learn the main building blocks to market your art.

Take your marketing to the next level with our advanced course.

Managed Service
We Do It All

Managed Services is a great solution to make sure daily work is done to keep growing your buyer audience and stay engaged.

We manage all your social media profiles and all other marketing tasks like content posting, email marketing and more.

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