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Digital Marketing Guide

This is one of the best overall guides I've seen to help artists develop a digital marketing strategy. The guide covers all the channels and methods for digital marketing, which would likely be too time-consuming for most artists. 

In our view, the priorities are to leverage social media and build an appealing website. Rather than writing blogs, vlogs (video blogs) can be easier for artists. People love seeing the creation process and to hear about the artists approach and inspiration. 

Digital Marketing Guide link.

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How to make, buy and sell NFTs

Excellent article on CNBC - The article covers all the basics of NFTs.

An NFT is a new type of digital asset. Ownership is recorded on a blockchain — a digital ledger similar to the networks that underpin bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Each NFT is unique and can’t be duplicated. So, you can think of them as unique digital items nobody else owns. Sure, people might have an image of a piece of art you purchased as an NFT, for example, but they don’t own the original. That’s what makes them enticing.

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