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Global Artists Atelier

An Interactive Community
for Artists by Artists


The Global Artists Atelier is founded for visual artists to connect and network with other artists all over the world.

The Atelier's direction, topics, content, and virtual workshops are determined by its active members.


The Atelier

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The New Digital Atelier - Artist Community

The atelier is one of the oldest forms of teaching and creating art where students and apprentices learn from a principal master in a collaborative environment.

Wouldn't it be cool to network, hang-out in virtual groups, and learn from artists from all over the world in a fun and informative digital community?

Global Opportunity

Creating & Selling Art In Our Digital World

How artists create and sell art is impacted by our digital world.

Art is shared across social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, & Pinterest, that help artists gain more exposure and have the potential to supplement gallery and exhibits for selling art.

It Takes More than Great Art

While there is more opportunity for artists to sell globally, there are also new challenges to capture the attention of buyers and buyers have greater access to art beyond local galleries.

Social media channels can be very good for building awareness, but they take a daily commitment of time and continual learning. 

Painting to the left by Mario Henrique

Member Benefits

Online Courses

Want to learn about NFTs and if they can help you sell physical art?  We have a course that takes you through every aspect of understanding and creating NFTs.

Learn to use social media channels and online marketing in a digital marketing course.


What would you like to learn? We'll develop more courses to help members succeed.

Interactive Workshops

Workshops will provide members to go deeper into course materials and share real-life experiences.

Member artists will have opportunity to lead live and video workshops with members on creative processes, using different medium, and anything that realtes to creating art.

Network & Collaborate

Workshops Send direct messages to other members, join in special interests groups and jump on video discussions of timely topics about creating and marketing art.

This is your own social media channel. Follow articles, member posts and be part of a vibrant international community of visual artists.

Founding Members

Be a Founding Member of the Global Artists Atelier.

You'll have full free access to the community AND

you will help shape the Global Atelier into what you want

in a digital community of global visual artists.

You'll be on the interest list and receive immediate access to the community and be the first to know about free courses, private events, and start networking with artists around the world!

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