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Will You Help Me Test an Idea?

I love the ability to connect with artists from around the globe to see their remarkable work and share comments in social media.

My idea is to take social media relationships to another level by creating an interactive community for visual artists.

Global Artists Atelier

A Community to Help Artists Succeed

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Imagine a Global Artists Atelier

It's always fun to spend time with other artists; sharing studio space; a figure drawing session, or just working in a building next to other artists' studios.


Wouldn't it be cool to 'mingle', hang-out, and learn from artists from all over the world in a fun and informative digital community?

I'm not entirely sure what this idea will become, but I firmly believe that a group of artists exploring this idea together WILL CREATE something very cool!

Screenshot 2022-02-22 at 20.00.27.png
Screenshot 2022-02-22 at 20.06.41.png
What are the possibilities with artists collaborating to create the Global Atelier?

The scope of the atelier and the topics can be much wider in a digital format than in a traditional atelier.


Possible topics that come to my mind are:

Selling art in a digital gallery

Blend digital marketplaces with traditional galleries

Growing your social media audience

Better use of social media algorithms

Targeting the right social media audience

Following eco-friendly practices

Methods to digitize physical art

Global selling & shipping practices

Selling physical art as NFT



The Global Artists Atelier
Interest List

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